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  • Surround country

    Surround country - penzion, Bačátka, Velké Meziříčí, ubytování, cykloturistika, turistika

    Village Ruda is found on southern tail of highland called „Křižanovska vrchovina“ and this is part of big highland called „Českomoravská vrchovina“ and this is one of the nicest country in Czech Republic. Surround hills are about 550-620 meter above sea level for example southern from village hill Straznik (588) which as a one of the few has not forest on the top and there is nice view in far surround country. Close to this hill on the right side is next one called Bacatka and its name was carried over for this accommodation house. There is nice and old forest on this hill. On the western of the village you can find hill Hora (610 m above sea level) where is bigger forest glade on the top which allows you also nice view on the surround. All those hills you can find in tourist maps which is available in house as well. Surround mainly evergreen forests are about 100 – 150 years old and major tree is Norway spruce and pine tree. But you can also find here fir, oak, close to streams also alder. North from village about 1 km far are spread 3 ponds. From the smallest: Januvek, Pustenec and big one called Rudsky. Swimming is now possible only in Januvek. Closest river is Oslava which is found on south and goes through Velke Mezirici. Along a stream of this river is spread on of the nicest valley here. There is also bicycle lane through this valley and you can find it in bicycle lane map available in house. In this area is directed lot of our own bicycle lanes.

  • Hike tips

    Surround country - penzion, Bačátka, Velké Meziříčí, ubytování, cykloturistika, turistika

    Above mentioned hill Straznik or Bacatka and you can continue left in forest called Komarovy over highway in small but nice valley of stream Polomina up to village Tasov.

    Through forest on left side of major road goes rural road up to Jablonov, here you can join blue tourist lane which leads you belong hill Hora. You can also easy climb this hill and reward for you is nice view on surround. Then you can join back the blue tourist lane or go directly through forest up to crossroad called „U Obrazku“ (really there is hang on a painting on the tree). Back into village you must turn right out of the tourist lane and after approx. 300 m down from hill you will see the north tail of Ruda.

    You can set out on trip along pond Januvek and still keep the north direct and join blue tourist lane. Turn right when you are joined and this lane leads you up to village Ronov along stone pit. Ronov is very close to bigger one Orechov where is also rail station on the major rail lane from Brno to Havlickuv Brod. There is also small church in Ronov which will be on your right when you are entering the village. Back you can go the same way until you do not leave the forest above stone pit. There you can turn left and go up to pond Pelgramsky or Rudsky. It is up to you.

  • Sport and entertainment

    Surround country - penzion, Bačátka, Velké Meziříčí, ubytování, cykloturistika, turistika

    Ski Fajtův kopec 1741, Velké Meziříčí telephone: +420 566 523 458 online watching of sloop here. Open hours only in winter: Mon - Sun: 9:00 - 21:00

    When you are interested in cycling then you can use our special map where are marked lot of bicycle lanes and you can also combinate them to each other. If you did not take your own bikes, then they are available 3 mountinbikes for rent see the price list.

    In village Jablonov (2 km west on the road) is available tennis court with very comfortable polyurethane surface. Reservation is possible on the phone number +420 724 610 502.

    For swimming in summer you can use the rebuilt open air swimming baths in Velke Mezirici (10km) or Trebic (20 km) or if you are interested in swimming in pond then you can swim in pond Januvek (1 km west see the map) but it is better to ask if the water is OK especially in august.

    If you like fives, then you can use the football play ground in the village (see the map). There is also small child playground with. You can also use our big garden which has more than 600 sq. meters!!

    Sport airport Křižanov - sightseeing flights www.lkka.cz reservation: +420 566 543 488

    Free wifi internet connection is available in whole object.